The first direct sales tourism platform that will only accept Cryptocurrencies

What is Aeriscoin?

Aeriscoin (ARS) is a cryptocurrency or digital money created to make secure instant transfers of value anywhere in the world, like bitcoin. Your transactions with Aeriscoin are simple and within seconds. In addition Aeriscoin’s transfer fee is less than any bank fee.

Aeriscoin could also be used as a payment method to purchase digital products on our platform.

Blockchain Technology

This technology makes your transfers very safe

Fast Transactions

It can be transferred anywhere in the world in a few seconds.


The currency does not depend on any Bank or State

Limited Coin

Only 100 million coins will be mined




Travel & Tourism Impact on Economic Environment

As one of the world’s largest economic sectors, travel and tourism creates jobs, drives exports, and generates capital across the world.

In 2016 the industry grew by 3.1% while supporting 6 million additional jobs in numerous related sectors. In total, travel and tourism generated US$7.6 trillion (10.2% of global GDP) and 292 million jobs in 2016, equivalent to 1 out of 10 jobs in the global economy.

The outlook for the travel and tourism sector in 2017 remains robust and will continue to be at the forefront of wealth and employment creation in the global economy. The role of travel and tourism becomes even more significant as an engine of economic development and as a vehicle for culture exchange, creating peace and building mutual understanding.

Aviation Market with High Demand Growth of Passengers

IATA1 (International Air Transport Association) forecasts that the passenger demand will double in less than 20 Years and expects 7.2 billion passengers to travel in 2035, almost double the 3.8 billion air travellers in 2016.

They expect an extra 1.8 billion annual passengers by 2035, with an overall market size of 3.1 billion passengers.


Long-term forecast

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) foresees that the amount of travellers will increase 3% per year between 2010 and 2030 up to 1800 million travellers in 2030.


How acquirers could benefit from Aeriscoin?


Master Node


About us

We are a dynamic group of entrepreneurs specialized in new technologies. We have over 20 years of experience in areas such as business training, business network management and production. In recent years we have expanded our knowledge in the cryptocurrency sector, knowledge that allowed us to advise many entrepreneurs, helping them obtain excellent economic results.

That is why in the Aeris project you will also find the support and knowledge necessary to obtain good results.


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