Mining consists in resolving mathematical equations to validate the transactions and obtaining new blocks. The AERISCOIN Mining Algorithm is X11, this means it uses 11 mathematical equations. The reward for getting new blocks is 50 ARS for block.
To be allowed to mine AERISCOIN you have 3 possibilities available;
  1. Mining alone 
  2. Mining in a pool 
  3. Purchase mining power in the cloud
For the two first possibilities you must get a miner. If you mine alone you´ll have to leave your miner functioning constantly, and you won´t get any profit until you find a block. If you mine in a pool you will be paid for every new block, the proportional part of power (hashes for second) delivered by your miner.
Mining in the cloud consist in a contract you get power with during one year period, and, equally, you get benefits for each block. With this option you don´t have to deal with the configuration, maintenance, electrical expenses, nor noises generated by the miner.

If you want to Minar ARS in any of the available options: