Our Team

We are a dynamic group of entrepreneurs specialized in new technologies. We have over 20 years of experience in areas such as business training, business network management and production. In recent years we have expanded our knowledge in the cryptocurrency sector, knowledge that allowed us to advise many entrepreneurs, helping them obtain excellent economic results.

That is why in the Aeris project you will also find the support and knowledge necessary to obtain good results.


Carlos Nobre

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Portuguese businessman, currently resident in Spain, started his professional career in electronics and computing field. He dedicated the last 22 years to the commercial field where he trained more than a thousand businessmen in personal development oriented to sales. During this period he also built several companies in Spain and Portugal. In the last 10 years he was responsable for the international expansion of two multinacional companies as Master Franchise in Spain in one of them and represented an American multinational company in Europe where he also created a franchising system. More recently he has been Marketing Director in a multinational company and with a friend couple he started Business Up System, an initiative to empower other companies, he is the responsable for the internacional expansion.

Carlos Nobre believes that is very important the relationship between businessmen, that is the foundation of strategic alliances that produces better results, being creative and innovating without losing the vision that both sides must win. “We can make things exceptionally well, but sooner or later, we will be evaluated for our results”.

Based on that, he joined Aeriscoin, he sees in this project the most effective tool to help other businessmen to get better results with the support of this great technical crew, as professionals and human beings.

Companies are the people that work on them.


Justiniano Baptista

CCO (Chief Commercial Officer)

Portuguese businessman started his professional career in the commercial field. He dedicated the last 20 years to marketing and personal development, he has thus specialised in PNL. He also worked in several companies as Marketing Director, President and Region Coordinator, where he spent 10 years developing an expansion plan for all South America and some European countries.

I believe in human interaction and internet as a tool to personal and professional development.

Aeriscoin is the perfect project to create this kind of synergy between internet and personal development through new technics of the financial market and tourism.


José Luis Mejías

Marketing Director


Bruno Costa



Jose Mejías (J)

Deep Developer


Edwin Vásquez

Program Development