Aeris Release Announcement

Dear Aeris Users,

It is a pleasure to announce that AerisCoin is already launched. We are really happy to be at this moment, as we stated on our roadmap.

This 5th February starts AerisCoin mining, the source code is available at Github, besides the official eWallet that will also be available to download from tomorrow on our website.

Starting 15th February, you will also be able to withdraw the ARS you bought during the ICO from your Backoffice to your eWallet.

To do so you have to install the AerisCoin Wallet on your computer, to have a valid AerisCoin address.
We also would like to announce that we will keep our Lending rate fixed at 1% until the end of the month.

Also, we expect at the end the of the month, to have the ARS available at Coinexchange and Cryptopia. In this way, we will be able to calculate the Lending interest rate using the ARS volatility.

AerisCoin keeps growing and as a result, we will be visiting Brazil from 15th to 25th February. We plan to start negotiations with airlines among others.

With the reason of our visit to Brazil, we would like to give brazilians the opportunity to join our community, finding a way for them to acquire ARS because the ICO phase is over.

If you are interested, please drop us a line and stay tuned to our social media and our website. All information will be announced soon.

We hope all AerisCoin contributors are as happy as we are, given the path we have been through until today.

With nothing more to add, see you soon with more great news!

Carlos Nobre,
AerisCoin CEO.